Best Electric Kettles To Buy In India 2021

best electric kettles in India

Cooking healthy and smart is the need of an hour that’s why we have come with the best electric kettles in India this time. As we all know it is a modern and useful kitchen appliance that not only boils water but instantly cooks maggie, noodles, soup, oats, etc.

Electric kettles are way much efficient than traditional kettles because after reaching to desired boiling point it automatically turns off and this saves a lot of electricity. But this is not the case with traditional kettles.

And that is the reason why it has become so much popular in recent times because they are so much convenient and easy to use. Also, they are considered to be the best friends of hostel students and bachelors because it easily serves the purpose within no time.

As there are numerous brands available in the market it is difficult to choose the right one because everyone claims itself to be best but this is not true. So to make the life of our readers easier here we come with the best electric kettles in India which are easily available in the market.

List Of Best Electric Kettles In India







Morphy Richards InstaCook

2 L 

1200 W

2 years

Philips HD9306

1.5 L

1800 W

2 years

Bajaj Majesty New KTX7 

1 L

1100 W

2 years

Havells Aqua Plus

1.2 L

1500 W

2 years

AGARO Sonnet

1.8 L

1500 W

1 year

AmazonBasics  Electric Kettle

1.7 L

2200 W

1 year

1. Morphy Richards InstaCook 

best electric kettles in India

It is a modern household electric kettle by Morphy Richards which will make your tea and coffee within no time. It can even cook pasta, noodles, soup, and oats whenever you want.

And as we all know Morphy Richards is one of the trusted home appliance brands all over the world so you can easily be assured by its quality and design.

It has many great functions and seamless feature which makes it one of the most important part of your kitchen.

Things we like
  • Auto cut off and dry boil protection
  • Variable temperature control knob
  • Multi-purpose cooking kettle
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Cordless connector
Things we don’t like
  • The cord is little bit short, else everything is fine

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2. Philips HD9306 Electric Kettle

best electric kettles in India

Philips is always known for making high-quality products at a decent amount of price. This is a 1.5 L electric kettle which is very easy to operate and quickly do the task in few minutes.

It has a steam sensor which is very helpful and has a wide opening for easy filling and cleaning. The design and built quality are up to the mark and it is perfect for bachelors and hostlers.

Things we like
  • Stainless steel body
  • 360-degree cordless base makes it easy for handling
  • Safe boiling with food-grade SUS304 bod
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
Things we don’t like
  • Short length cord
  • Little bit noisy sometimes

3. Bajaj Majesty Electric Kettle

best electric kettles in India

As an Indian Bajaj is the first brand that pops up in our mind when there is a need to buy any household items or kitchen appliances because they provide good products at affordable prices.

This is a Bajaj Majesty 1L kettle that comes with a detachable power base and cordless operation. It offers you to make quick tea or coffee and also you can make noodles and pasta for your snacks.

If we talk about its performance then undoubtedly it is the best. Overall it’s a great choice you should definitely check this out.

Things we like
  • Automatic cut off feature
  • Detachable power base
  • Multi cooking options
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Cord length is good
Things we don’t like
  • The on and off switch is not so sturdy

4. Havells Aqua Plus Electric Kettle

best electric kettles in India

Havells has also launched their Electric Kettle recently in the market and yes it is gaining popularity because of the value they are providing.

It has 1.2 L of capacity which is perfect for your tea and coffee, also it is a great choice for hostel students because they don’t have many resources but it can easily cook maggie, noodles, pasta, and soup.

The design of this kettle is really ergonomic and has a single tap button to open the lid also the handle is very sturdy which gives perfect grip to hold the kettle.

Things we like
  • Stainless steel body
  • Wide mouth for cleaning
  • Ergonomic design
  • Almost zero noise while operating
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
Things we don’t like
  • Cord length is quite short
  • It should have detachable filters for better cleaning

5. AGARO Sonnet Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

best electric kettles in India

Agaro is another well known and reputed brand that manufactures household items and kitchen appliances.

It has 1.8 L of capacity and a double-layered stainless steel body with a cool-touch handle. The advanced thermostat and boil dry protection feature is really helpful. Also, the design of this kettle is very good and overall it looks like a premium kitchen appliance.

Apart from all advance feature the main highlight of the kettle is cord free serving.

Things we like
  • Rapid boil technology
  • Auto shutoff
  • Wide opening lid
  • 1.8 m long cord
Things we don’t like
  • We haven’t noticed yet

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5. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

best electric kettles in India

The last kettle on our list is by Amazon itself that comes at a very affordable price and gives tough competition to all brands at this price.

Like all the kettles we have discussed above it is also perfect for making instant tea or coffee or boiling water. If you are on a little bit tight budget then this one is for yours.

Things we like
  • It has a steam sensor and auto-shutoff for protection
  • One-touch lid for easy filling
  • Stainless steel body
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
Things we don’t like
  • Plug size is bigger than normal
  • Auto shutoff option lag sometimes

Conclusion :

All the electric kettles listed above are best and worthy but choosing one might be difficult for you. So if you have a good budget then we will highly recommend you to go with Morphy Richards and Philips HD9306.

In medium price range Bajaj Majesty, Havells aqua, and Agaro are best and if you are a student or you have a very limited budget you just want to boil water, make a tea or coffee sometime then go with Amazon basics electric kettle.

Buying guide for the best electric kettle in India

As we have discussed electric kettle is one of the most important kitchen appliances which is very convenient and one should not spend this/her hard-earned money on the wrong product, we need to inspect every element on various aspects

So here are few factors which you should keep in mind before purchasing an electric kettle.

1. Capacity and size

The most important thing before buying an electric kettle is to check its capacity and size. If you are single or a family of 2 people then a capacity of 1L- 1.8L will be fine. But if you are 3 or more than 3 people then you should look for 2L or more than that.

2. Speed

This is another most important factor which many people ignore which is speed. By speed, we mean how fast does it take to boil water or to make tea, coffee, or anything and it totally depends on the brand what quality of motor they are using.

But in general, speed depends on wattage for example a kettle with 2000 W will boil 1L of water fast when compared to the kettle of 1500 W.

3. Build quality and durability

Not only electric kettle but in general we prefer those products whose build quality and durability are great otherwise it would be worthless spending on non-durable products.

Most electric kettles are made up of stainless steel because it is more durable and overall it gives a good ergonomic design. But there also some manufacturers that use plastic and other metals which we will not recommend you.

4. Auto shutoff feature

This is by far the most important feature while you are boiling water or making coffee in an electric kettle. If this feature is missing then it can be harmful to both the user and the machine.

5. Cord or Cordless

Electric kettles come in two types cord and cordless. If you are buying a corded one then you have to always plug it in to switch. But cordless kettles do not require any power plug it has a detachable base that will act as the power supply and after cooking the device is free to be removed.

So you can choose anyone according to your need.

6. Additional Features

Apart from basic settings major electric kettles come with advance and very useful features such as temperature control, timer, dry boil protection, multi-function auto cook, and so on.

7. Warranty

For any product, a warranty is very much important especially when it is an electric item because the thing is after all it’s a machine and it can stop working or any other fault can happen any time or may be you have received a defective product from their side.

So in order to prevent you from all these mess, it is very important, mostly electric kettle manufacturers provide 1 to 2 years of warranty to their customers.

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