6 Best Laptop Stands Under Rs 2000 In India 2021

Best Laptop Stands Under Rs 2000 In India

Nowadays laptops are the most preferred gadgets whether you are a student or working professional you definitely need one. And some of you might experience pain, headache, stiffness in your shoulder or back and this is due to your wrong posture habit.

To get rid of that you need the best laptop stands because it improves the overall height, adjustment, and overall posture of your body so that you can sit for long hours on the laptop and do your work without any problem.

If you will search you will find plenty of laptop stands which you can easily buy spending 500 to 1000 Rs but believe me they are totally worthless so after researching a lot here we have listed the 6 Best Laptop Stands Under Rs 2000 in India that are worth buying.

Do you really need a laptop stand ?

See, laptops are very portable gadgets and you can use them anywhere while watching television on your bed, on the sofa, on your lap and so on and these are the by far the wrong habits which you should definitely avoid. So that’s why you need a laptop stand.

You can also put a laptop stand on your study table or desk for a better user experience and a perfect viewing angle. If you are doing work from home or if you are in the content creation field then you should definitely buy it

What to look before buying a laptop stand

There are many factors which you should definitely consider before buying laptop stands. So let’s discuss each of them one by one briefly.

1. Portable or Non-portable

Portable stands are very light and travel friendly you can easily fold and put them in your laptop bag and use them whenever you want. And nonportable stands are designed in such a way that you can only use them in one fixed position like a table or desk, also they are very heavy and big in size.

But here we are discussing about portable laptop stands.

2. Size

Choosing the right size is really important because stands are available in various sizes, So always choose the size which is appropriate for your laptop.

3. Weight

If you are purchasing non portable laptop stand then no need to worry about its weight, but for portable laptop stands it is important to have lightweight and compact weight so that you can easily carry it with yourself.

4. Material used

Always check the material because it determines the sturdiness and durability of laptop stands. Most laptop stands are made up of aluminum or hard plastic and they are considered to be best and it also cools down your laptop heat easily.

5. Features

Laptop stands are very versatile these days and have various settings and features like a tablet or phone holder, fans for cooling laptops, height adjustment features, and so on. So it’s better to choose one with these features.

6. Warranty

This is by far the most important factor which you should always check before purchasing any product so that you can claim it if by chance you received the broken product or it has stopped working after a few weeks or months in that case product warranty will help you. Generally, laptop stands come with 1 year of manufacturing warranty.

List Of Best Laptop Stands Under Rs 2000 In India

Laptop Stand




Customer Ratings

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Proffisy Laptop Stand

280 gm

24 x 4.5 x 1 cm

2 years 

Plixio Laptop Stand

280 gm

24 x 4.5 x 16 cm

1 year

STRIFF Laptop Stand

900 gm

26 x 23 x 3 cm

6 month

Techzere Laptop Stand

380 gm

24.28 x 4 x 4 cm

1 year

Cosmic Byte Laptop Rack Stand

360 gm

10 x 10 x 3 cm

1 year

CLAW Portable Laptop Stand

240 gm

24.5 x 4.5 x 2.1 cm

1 year

1. Proffisy Laptop Stand

Best Laptop Stands Under Rs 2000

The first one on our list is Proffisy Laptop Stand and it is one of the best laptop stands you will find on Amazon. It is equipped with a multiple angle adjustment height feature which is really great and its ergonomic design makes it more comfortable to use.

The stand is made up of aluminum alloy material that makes it more sturdy, to prevent your laptop from overheating it has proper ventilation which cools down the laptop and it is easily compatible with all 10 to 15.6 inches laptops and tablets so no need to worry about that.

Overall its a great value for money product.

Things we like
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multiple adjutsable features
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Worth the price
Things we don’t like
  • We haven’t found any negative reviews yet

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2. Plixio Laptop Stand

Best Laptop Stands Under Rs 2000

The next stand on the list is the Pixio laptop stand which has very ergonomic design with premium built quality, it can support up to 30 Kg of weight.

The stand offers you 6 levels of height adjustment you can easily customize all the settings as per your requirement and more importantly, you can easily customize its height for heat depletion.

Also it is widely compatible with all types of laptops and tablet so no need to worry in that case

Things we like
  • Very convenient to cary
  • Ergonomic design and build quality
  • Multiple adjustable angles
  • Proper heat depletion
Things we don’t like
  • Rotating mechanism is missing

3. STRIFF Laptop Stand

Best Laptop Stands Under Rs 2000

Striff is a trustworthy brand that produces various mobile and computer accessories. This is a very premium quality laptop stand with 8 angles of height adjustment which is really impressive.

The design is very ergonomic and it is very adjustable and versatile the built-in legs are very strong you can customize its height and it won’t spill apart from that it has a phone/ tablet holder on the side which is also a great feature.

To avoid overheating it has red rubber tips and a ventilation panel that cools down the laptop while operating. Without any doubt, it is one of the best laptop stands under rs 2000 in India.

Things we like
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Built in stand legs
  • Widely compatible
  • Premium built quality
  • Worth the price
Things we don’t like
  • We haven’t found any negative reviews yet

4. Techzere  Laptop Stand

Best Laptop Stands Under Rs 2000

It is a compact size foldable laptop stand with 7 height adjustable settings that will definitely improve your overall body posture if you spend long hours while working on a laptop.

The stand is built with nylon and premium metal which makes it more stable and sturdy. The stand is also compatible with all types of laptops like MacBook, Samsung, Dell, Hp, and so on.

Overall it is a great product we will highly recommend this for working professionals.

Things we like
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Premium build quality
  • Adjustable height
  • Value for money
Things we don’t like
  • We haven’t found any negative reviews yet

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5. Cosmic Byte Portable Laptop Stand

Best Laptop Stands Under Rs 2000

As we all know cosmic byte is a well-known reputed brand that manufactures various computer peripherals and hardware. This is a portable and lightweight laptop stand with multiple height adjustments so that you can get perfect eye level while working on a laptop.

The design of this laptop stand is very simple and ergonomic with the amazing build quality. Also, it is highly compatible with all laptops and notebooks of 10 inches to 17 inches which are really appreciable.

It has all advance and useful features the best laptop stands should have, also it is quite cheaper in comparison to all.

Things we like
  • Amazing build quality
  • Good heat depletion
  • Sturdy and protective
  • Easily portable
  • Comapritively cheaper than others
Things we don’t like
  • No negative reviews are noticed so far

6. CLAW Portable Laptop Stand

Best Laptop Stands Under Rs 2000

The last laptop stand on this list is Claw portable laptop stand which is highly compatible with all laptops, tablets, and notebooks. The height adjustment can be done to 6 levels for a comfortable viewing angle which will improve the overall posture of your body.

The stand is very light can holds a weight of up to 10 Kgs, also it is very portable you can easily carry it along with you. If we look at its design then the design is simple and sleek, the built quality is also up to the mark made up with aluminum alloy material.

If you are tight on budget then this one is surely for you because in decent price range it is offering the great value.

Things we like
  • Sturdy and compact design
  • Light weight and portable
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Best under Rs 1000
Things we don’t like
  • No negative reviews have been noticed so far

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